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DocuSign CLM Success with Marshfield Consulting

With our deep knowledge of DocuSign CLM, you'll have a solution that works the first time.

5.0 Customer Satisfaction Rating – As measured by DocuSign


Successful Implementations
With DocuSign CLM

Easily Manage Your Contracts

Eliminate the manual processes of contract creation, management, and storage with the leader in contract lifecycle cycle management.


Enhanced Efficiency: A contract lifecycle management solution streamlines your contract process, saving time and money.


Improve Decision-Making: Gain valuable insights into your contracts, helping you make better business decisions.


Increased Compliance: Reduce risk and ensure all contracts are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


Higher Customer Satisfaction: Improve your customer relationships by meeting your contractual obligations on time.


“Everything Marshfield has done for us works first time. And their knowledge of DocuSign CLM and Salesforce enables them to find the best solution quicker than anyone else in our experience.”

~ Nakul Patel, Legal Operations Analyst, GoCardless

With Marshfield Consulting

DocuSign CLM Implementation


Successful Outcomes

With an average CSAT rating of 5.0, our customer satisfaction is the highest rating possible as measured by DocuSign. Our DocuSign CLM expertise, combined with our configuration accelerators allows us to provide a solution that works the first time.


DocuSign Experts with a Single Focus

Marshfield Consulting is the only DocuSign Platinum Partner exclusively focused on DocuSign CLM. We’ve been working with DocuSign CLM since the beginning, unlike other partners who only recently added DocuSign CLM implementation services.


Integration Capabilities

Secure and seamless CLM integration with other business applications increases efficiency and improves adoption rates. Marshfield Consulting can implement custom integrations, including MS Dynamics, NetSuite, and Coupa.

About Marshfield Consulting

The Marshfield Consulting story started back in 2008 when Scott Brooks joined SpringCM as VP, Professional Services. During that time, Scott built a team that delivered over 600 SpringCM (now DocuSign CLM) solutions. 

Looking for a new challenge, Scott founded Marshfield Consulting to provide affordable and quality CLM solutions to current and future SpringCM/DocuSign customers.

How We Provide Value

Our services are designed to meet you where you are — at any stage of the DocuSign CLM implementation process.



Our proprietary scripted discovery methodology ensures that we leverage best practices to get you from current state to future state. We know what DocuSign CLM can (and can’t) do and how to make it work for you.



With experience implementing hundreds of DocuSign CLM solutions, we guide you through each phase of the implementation process. Using our configuration accelerators, we can provide a solution that works the first time.



Whether you self-implemented or utilized a different partner, we can improve any existing implementation, no matter how seemingly complex. Leveraging years of experience, we can resolve any implementation issues.



Ongoing day-to-day administration and updating your DocuSign CLM solution takes time and resources. We can augment your staff with flexible arrangements as needed to manage or refine your solution.