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How We Provide Value

Our Services​


No DocuSign CLM implementation is greenfield custom software development and we can help you understand how to get from current state to future state because we understand what the technology can and can’t do and how best to put it to work for you.

Our Design Process

As part of our design process, we will focus on:

  • Current State Baseline. Our approach is to understand the current landscape and how your organization creates/intakes, negotiates, signs, records and manages your contracts today.  Establishing base metrics and factual details about the current process allows for identification and prioritization of future improvements.
  • Identification of Process Constraints/Conventions. Simply put, constraints are “what you have to do” and conventions are “that’s how it has always been done”.  Focusing on and categorizing the process drivers through the lens of constraint vs. convention help challenge the status quo and provide the justification for doing things in a different and more automated way.
  • Affirmation of Process Outcomes. What you want to get out of the implementation in terms of your goals and outcomes helps define what is important for us to focus on and what should take priority.  Our approach is based on solving your problems and mitigating your process pain-points and to do that successfully, your input is crucial.
  • Future State Design and Architecture. At the intersection of these things lies the solution.  We will synthesize what we have heard and articulate back to your team what our proposed solution and how that ties back to your goals and what is realistic based on the technical capabilities and your constraints.
Our Services​


Our unique perspective and experience with implementing hundreds of DocuSign CLM solutions allows us to guide you through all phases of the implementation process.

Our Implementation Methodology

As part of our implementation methodology, we will focus on:

  • Discovery and Requirements Definition. Starting out the implementation with the clear roadmap of what needs to be done and by when in the initial priority.  We achieve this by applying our Design approach to arrive at a future state that is decomposed into tactical project plans and a backlog of user stories/requirements to tackle on your behalf.
  • Setup and Configuration. Using the project plan as the roadmap and the backlog as the recipe, we will work in an iterative and collaborate way with your project team to deliver the solution in short, incremental bursts that allow for refinements to ensure we arrive at a solution that achieves what you initially set out to accomplish.
  • QA/UAT Testing. Ensuring the solution meets the requirements and furthermore meets the usability criteria of your end users is paramount to both initial adoption and achieving the business outcome of the project.  Testing is collaborative effort and will involve a cross section of real users that will interact with the system once live.
  • Go Live and Post-Production Support. Getting the go-live right is important in terms of both the technical aspects involved with deployment and setting up the Production instance is just as important is the change management aspects of preparing and training the end users to start using the new solution.  Our approach is a white glove that keeps us involved in this critical time to ensure your success during the first few weeks of your usage of the now live solution.
Our Services​


Whether you self-implemented, were implemented by a different partner, or even by DocuSign CLM, our profound understanding of the product allows us to unwind, comprehend and improve any implementation, no matter how seemingly complex.

Our Part of Optimizing

As part of optimizing your solution to refine, extend or further augment, we will focus on:

  • Assess current DocuSign CLM implementation. Unwinding and documenting how your template and doc launcher interact with your workflow and eforms and how those tie into your folder structure, attributes, and reports is what we focus on to ensure we measure twice before cutting once.
  • Provide recommendations on how to incorporate new DocuSign CLM features/functions. Using the detailed understanding of how your solution has been put together combined with our understanding of the new features and functions that have been released on DocuSign CLM since you’ve originally gone, allows us to provide you a list of possible enhancements that we can guide you through with a benefits analysis to help you make the correct investments.
  • Refine and harden your implementation. Leveraging our years of experience, we have techniques and design patters we have developed in response to common issues and errors that might be included in your implementation.  Our goal is make the solution as hands free as possible so you don’t have to constantly babysit your workflows or review complicated, technical error notification emails.
  • Identify best practices to simplify administration. Modifying or tweaking production, in-flight solutions in response to changes in business logic is a necessary evil that can be complicated and nerve wracking.  Many of the common changes to your processes can be made available in easy to administer ways that don’t require specialized, technical training that we can help identify and implement on your behalf.
Our Services​


Ongoing day-to-day administration and incrementally updating/improving your DocuSign CLM solution takes time and resources skilled in DocuSign CLM that we can provide if you’re having trouble finding or retaining a dedicated DocuSign CLM Administrator.

Our Part of Managing

As part of managing or refining your solution, we can help augment your staff in flexible arrangements to:

  • Keeping the lights on. Adding/removing users, updating attributes, tweaking/creating reports and other day-to-day administration tasks can be handled by our team so your team doesn’t have to.

  • Templates changes and updates. Mapping new fields from SFDC, changing existing templates or even creating new templates are the types of things we can support your team to do to accommodate the pace of your business and the requirements changes that result.

  • Workflow changes and updates. Modifying business logic in workflows to add new or remove existing actors in the process, modifying emails messages or other changes you may require to your business process is something we can do in a targeted and surgical manner to ensure rapid response with the assurances that everything will continue to work post-update.

  • Ad hoc, special requests. If you have something special, that’s fairly common in recurrence that doesn’t fit into a big project SOW and you don’t want to sign up for year long contract, let us know what it is and we can create the right arrangement to meet your needs.


“Marshfield has a knowledge and relationship advantage versus any other DocuSign CLM consultant. They have the experience that no other firm does. It’s unmatched.”

~ Karen Hodson, VP of Global Procurement & Real Estate, CM Group