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Case Studies


How Beeline Achieved Full Contract and CPQ Visibility with Marshfield Consulting’s DocuSign CLM Expertise


A leading contingent workforce software provider tapped Marshfield Consulting to build automations for new accounts, NDAs, and other agreement documents by connecting Salesforce data to DocuSign CLM templates.

The Challenge

Beeline’s reliance on email and Microsoft Teams to coordinate contracts left the organization with zero visibility into the total number of contacts in review, their current status, and process bottlenecks. Legal drafted most contracts from scratch with some documents lingering in a contract creation phase for over 200 days. Attempting to build a contract amendment process in Salesforce for status tracking purposes didn’t improve the situation.

On top of the inefficiencies and delays, internal audits required significant manual work. In one year, Beeline’s Legal team sunk 900 hours into cleaning up Salesforce contract data for audit compliance.

As Beeline’s business grew, the Legal team searched for a contract management solution that could scale with the demand and ensure accuracy in every agreement.

Marshfield’s Solution

After another firm failed to design and build functioning DocuSign CLM workflows, Beeline Operations Manager Melinda O’Donnell reached out to Marshfield Consulting. During their first discovery call, Melinda witnessed a night-and-day difference between Marshfield’s level of DocuSign CLM knowledge and implementation experience compared to previous consultancies.

What started as a statement of work (SOW) for requirements gathering quickly evolved into Marshfield conceiving a unique take on Salesforce cases for configure, price, and quote (CPQ). A Salesforce case record would host all necessary CPQ information. That information would then be routed through DocuSign CLM for contract negotiations, and all changes were automatically pushed back to Salesforce as the system of record. This novel approach meant Beeline could run all reports in Salesforce without additional workflows to import and update data.

In total, Marshfield built 30 standardized agreement templates, all of which use Salesforce data in combination with DocuSign CLM automation capabilities. This integration provides Beeline comprehensive reporting and dashboard capabilities within Salesforce.

Benefits & Results

Melinda and the Legal team have regained hundreds of hours in less than a year. Time once wasted keeping contracts moving, manually making edits, and correcting inconsistencies due to the lack of templatized contracts are now devoted to prioritizing contract work based on business impact.

Beeline can visualize, in real time, how many outstanding contracts are in the pipeline, segmented by new accounts and existing customers, compared to those recently completed. Details into the average time spent per contract type, and in each review stage, provide realistic benchmarks for completion timeframes — and springboards for process improvement.

Most important to Beeline, understanding how often different contract types bounce between Legal review and customer red lines enables the team to address the root cause of unnecessary delays. Visibility into the number of revisions an average SOW requires, for example, helps Beeline find common red lines and improve the base contract, eliminating review time internally and for the client.

From admins to the C-Suite, team members are making smarter, data-driven decisions thanks to accurate, timely information presented in meaningful dashboards.



into every document in the contract management process


contracts processed per week


fully automated agreement templates in use
About Beeline

For over 20 years, Beeline has empowered businesses worldwide to drive competitive advantages with their extended workforce. Beeline Extended Workforce Platform gives companies the visibility needed to mitigate risk, achieve cost savings, and meet dynamic business needs.

With tailored solutions that solely focus on the complexities of the extended workforce, clients leverage Beeline products that fit their unique requirements. Through thousands of integrations, clients can connect their extended workforce data from all technology stacks, including major procurement and HR systems.

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