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Case Studies

CM Group

How CM Group Saves Time and Money with Marshfield Consulting’s DocuSign CLM Solution


A marketing technology leader on a growth clip chose Marshfield Consulting to automate a complex procurement process using DocuSign CLM technology.

The Challenge

CM Group’s Procurement team spent more time managing their process than negotiating contracts. The mix of Google Sheets, 25 emails per request, and manual follow-ups could not support the 100 new requests submitted monthly. Finding the status of 60-100 open requests required digging through multiple inboxes and spreadsheets.

Marshfield’s Solution

After similar successful projects at previous employers, VP of Global Procurement & Real Estate Karen Hodson turned to DocuSign CLM and Marshfield Consulting to design a new procurement process from the ground up.

Marshfield devised a new-request workflow with abbreviated options for renewals and expansions. Once requestors complete the online form, DocuSign CLM routes the request based on a number of variables, including the business unit, amount, and risk rating. From there, automated emails and notifications keep the process moving with zero manual intervention or tracking.

Everything is stored in DocuSign CLM with a complete audit trail and reporting for requests completed, requests in-progress, and bottlenecks.

From the SOW through launch, Marshfield provided support, technical guidance, and innovative problem-solving while coming in on time and on budget.

Benefits & Results

Since using Marshfield’s solution, CM Group has reduced the cost of contracts by 20% on average, totaling roughly $60,000 in monthly savings. One approval process now serves 8 different purchase types.

More than 1,000 requests have been completed during the new solution’s first 9 months. And automation has reduced the in-process queue by over 50%, from 60-100 requests in any given month to 30. The solution conceals confidential data from reports and requestors without the proper authorization, adding an automated level of compliance and data privacy.

Most importantly, the Procurement team is out of the document-routing business and focused on strategic initiatives that save the company money, mitigate risk, and obtain more value out of each contract.



in monthly savings on average


faster completion rate


requests completed in first 9 months
About CM Group

Created to offer solutions that meet the needs of every marketer, CM Group was founded in 2017 with the collection of three industry-leading email marketing platforms: Campaign Monitor, Delivra, and Emma. Since then, the family of brands has grown to include Liveclicker, a real-time personalization solution, along with Sailthru, a cross-channel platform driven by AI, and Vuture, a leading email solution for brands in professional services.

CM Group continues to add innovative marketing technologies to their collection in an effort to create a true home for marketers of every scale and varying levels of sophistication. Most recently, this has meant the creation of CM Commerce, an email platform that integrates with major ecommerce platforms and focuses on automation.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, CM Group has U.S. offices in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Along with global offices in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Uruguay, they’re able to offer extensive support and solutions to marketers regardless of location.

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