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How Corestream Achieved a Positive ROI by Implementing a Fully Automated DocuSign CLM Solution


A leading employee benefits technology provider accelerated contract volume, slashed sales cycles, eliminated review process complexity, and scaled without adding Legal headcount thanks to Marshfield Consulting’s automated workflows for NDAs, MSAs, vendor agreements, and similar contract documents.

The Challenge

Corestream’s strong growth was a boon for the business — but a struggle for contract redlining. Sales teams originated and routed their contracts manually, resulting in inconsistent language and drawn-out approvals inefficiently managed through numerous emails and neglected spreadsheets.

On top of internal bottlenecks, reviews typically included a customer’s HR team, Legal, and privacy attorney, with roughly 20 contracts in play at any given time. As Ken Clinebell, CFO of Corestream, evaluated back-office operations, he realized the contract management solution he’d used at a previous employer couldn’t handle the multiple workflows and contract templates his company needed.

Since Corestream already relied on DocuSign for eSignature, Ken explored DocuSign CLM. While thoroughly impressed by the CLM product, he discovered Corestream’s requirements exceeded its out-of-the-box capabilities.

Marshfield’s Solution

When DocuSign referred Ken to Marshfield Consulting, he knew he’d found the right CLM implementation partner. “Marshfield was very thorough, very confident, and very reassuring,” Ken recalled. “They committed to having the best experts involved in every step. And I shared the proposal with the CEO, we agreed hiring Marshfield was a no-brainer.”

The implementation began by piloting a client NDA automation with DocuSign CLM. This process enabled Sales to initiate a NDA directly from Salesforce with a simple, intuitive prompt. Populated with relevant Salesforce data, the NDA workflow automated the entire internal and external review process. Once the NDA was fully authorized, data was synced in Salesforce and DocuSign CLM.

With the initial NDA process in place, Marshfield went on to implement additional contract types, including client agreements, letters of intent, Master Service Agreements, and Strategic Alliance Agreements. Each contract type required its own unique authorization steps to accommodate different business rules.

Benefits & Results

With streamlined processes, Corestream has experienced a 277% YoY increase in contract volume without adding administrative headcount. Reviews that once spanned six months due to lack of follow-ups and stalling are now routinely completed in one week. With tracking and review status in a DocuSign CLM dashboard, the CFO can easily nudge Sales members to complete tasks and remind customers that contracts are awaiting their review.

“Where we are now versus pre-DocuSign CLM, it’s a totally different world,” Ken said. “I can track and report on everything myself quickly and efficiently — and without needing to hire more staff. And for Sales, all they need to do is press a button, and the contract process begins.”

Beyond reducing the sales cycle and contract complexity, creating a single source of truth that displays contract completion status ensures both Corestream and its customers/partners can be more efficient during the contracting process.

“DocuSign, as the market leader, has certainly helped our customers feel at ease with our contact management solution,” Ken concluded. “And with Marshfield’s flexibility and deep knowledge, I have no doubt they’ll be able to automate any contract process we need.”



YoY increase in contract volume, without adding headcount

1 week

NDA processing time cut from several months to 1 week


integration between DocuSign CLM and Salesforce
About Corestream

Corestream is a leading provider of employee benefits technology solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage and deliver employee benefits programs. With a comprehensive suite of innovative products and services, Corestream empowers employers to enhance employee well-being, reduce administrative burden, and drive measurable talent attraction and retention outcomes. By simplifying benefits administration and improving employee engagement, Corestream helps organizations optimize their benefits programs and improve the overall employee experience.

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