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CLM Quick Start

Jumpstart Your Basic Contract Management Solution in just 3-4 weeks

Small organizations with limited budgets and basic requirements can start their CLM journey with CLM Quick Start—a central repository and AI-powered process for capturing, reviewing, tagging, naming, and setting Reminders/Obligations.

As a business grows and matures, enhanced capabilities can be quickly and easily added.

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More Advanced Contract Management Capabilities Tailored to Your Needs in 6-8 Weeks

Best suited for businesses that have established a basic contract foundation and need full automation for a few contract types that are processed similarly. These organizations typically seek a central repository for contracts as well as an end-to-end CLM process for creating, negotiating, approving and signing contracts that are high-volume, high risk, high value. This combines a client’s contract templates with a best practices workflow and an AI-powered repository to comprehensively address most needs from a CLM solution.

Leveraging best-in-class pre-build solutions, Marshfield can reduce implementation costs and duration.

Accelerated CLM

The Most Robust Solution for the Complex Needs of Your Mature Business

Ideal for mature businesses with more complex needs. Marshfield’s profound understanding of DocuSign CLM allows us to execute a successful implementation, no matter how seemingly complex for larger teams with multiple levels or review, approvals, and/or complex negotiations that require a more customized and tailored solution.

Our proprietary methodology and reusable solution patterns, accelerated with AI,  allows us to create a robust solution in weeks.

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Elevating your contract lifecycle management with Marshfield Consulting’s CLM services means you’re not just keeping up — you’re staying ahead. With a half a century of expertise, our offerings are designed to construct a robust and flexible foundation for your DocuSign CLM needs.

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