Marshfield Consulting has a decade of
DocuSign CLM implementation experience.

Our Story

Marshfield Consulting was founded on the idea create a specialized consulting company to serve the growing market of customers looking to get their arms around their contract processes.  We believe that the right mix of people working with best technologies can achieve amazing business outcomes and we are excited to do so for you.



Marshfield Consulting has 10 continuous years of DocuSign CLM experience which is more than any other single person who works on DocuSign CLM solutions.  Having been intimately involve in the technology by guiding feature requirements and prioritizing the roadmap based on the voice of the customer, we know how customers use and want to use DocuSign CLM for their Contracts and Document Management solutions.  Marshfield Consulting has a depth of knowledge about what others have done successfully which can be brought to bear for anyone who is currently using or looking to implement a solution on DocuSign CLM.



Our only focus is Contract Lifecycle Management and DocuSign CLM.  We don’t have multiple practices that span Quote-to-Cash or Billing or a myriad of other solution categories in an attempt to be many things to many different customers.  Instead, we are focused on going deep on CLM and leveraging our unique perspective gained by working with hundreds of customers on of all things CLM and DocuSign CLM to drive contract acumen and outcomes for businesses looking for DocuSign CLM expertise and specialization.


Scott Brooks spent the years early in his career focusing on Project Management within the Financial Services sector and decided to pivot into the startup scene to reduce his commute and to explore the world of Professional Services.  He arrived at SpringCM in 2008 and over the next 10 years, built the internal Professional Services team that has delivered over 600 SpringCM solutions.  With his deep knowledge of the SpringCM product, he was responsible for creating and building the Education organization which to this day, continues to train internal, customer and partner students.  To provide customers additional options for supporting and growing their implementations he chartered the Managed Services practice and to help create a thriving ecosystem, he was also responsible for enabling SpringCM Partners and worked closely with Partner Practice Leads across the US and UK to setup and operationalize their SpringCM practices.  Looking for his next challenge, he set off to start Marshfield Consulting with the goal of providing affordable and quality SpringCM and CLM solutions to current and future SpringCM/DocuSign customers.

Next Steps...

Ready to collaborate on your SpringCM/CLM project? Please get in touch. The best way is to email me and tell me your business needs.