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Marshfield Consulting’s Accelerated CLM package represents the pinnacle of Contract Lifecycle Management solutions. It’s designed for organizations striving for a sophisticated and robust system to handle complex contract negotiations and high-stakes decision-making. With Marshfield Consulting, you gain more than a solution—you acquire a partner with a profound understanding of DocuSign CLM, ready to deliver an entirely personalized implementation.

Customized To Your Complex Needs

Our Accelerated CLM is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s a deeply customizable solution, built for larger teams managing multiple levels of review, approval, high-value, and high-risk negotiations. We merge our best-in-class solutions with your unique requirements to conquer the most intricate contract challenges.

accelerated CLM

Your Blueprint for Contract Management Success

“How do we migrate off of our existing legacy CLM solution onto DocuSign CLM?” Marshfield Consulting answers this with our proprietary methodology that guarantees a seamless, low-friction transition. “How do we ‘bake in’ all the rules and policies?” This is accomplished by integrating intelligent automation that supports your governance framework, enabling you to scale with confidence.

Tailored CLM Solutions, Unmatched Speed

Our Accelerated CLM delivers a custom solution in weeks, not months. It’s the culmination of over 75 years of combined experience, harnessed to create a solution that’s as agile as your business needs to be. We deliver a solid “Phase 1” contracts foundation within the first 10 weeks, setting you on a course for continual evolution and refinement.

The Marshfield Method

Step into the future where contracts are not just managed, but masterfully orchestrated.

Lead the Change with Accelerated CLM

Allow “How do we automate decision making and remove bottlenecks?” become a question of the past. With Marshfield Consulting’s Accelerated CLM, you’ll have the answers—and the results—well before the questions even arise.

Empower your organization with a solution that’s as forward-thinking as you are.

Implementation timeline: 10 – 12 weeks

Get in touch to reshape your CLM experience today.