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Marshfield For Microsoft: Introducing The Dynamics CLM Connector

Efficiency in contract management significantly impacts overall business success. Marshfield Consulting, a leading Platinum Partner specializing in DocuSign Agreement Cloud, offers an innovative integration of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This comprehensive solution simplifies contract processes, enhances compliance, and boosts productivity.  This blog explores the detailed benefits of integrating CLM with Microsoft […]

The Marshfield Method: A Decade of Mastering Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM)

We are excited to announce The Marshfield Method comprising the 10 Pillars of Contract Management, developed over our years of experience pioneering best practices and a refined approach to contract lifecycle management (CLM). This framework is not just a set of steps; it’s a philosophy that integrates our industry knowledge with practical, hands-on experience in […]

Marshfield Consulting on CIO Review

Marshfield Consulting Delivering Proven Outcomes on the DocuSign CLM “Merchant of Venice,” one of the most prominent Shakespearean comedy and drama, is strongly built on the power of clauses in a contract. In the play, the titular character (the merchant) Antonio borrows money from Shylock—a moneylender, setting the security at a pound of Antonio’s flesh. […]

Just Launched

Marshfield consulting just launched and this is the first post. Please check back for more updates.