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For organizations that recognize the promise of a central repository and a robust end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process, Marshfield Consulting offers the Rx CLM package. A dynamic fusion of best practices and advanced AI capabilities—this is where technology meets transformative business processes.

Streamlining High-Volume Contract Management

Is your business dealing with a multitude of high-risk, high-value contracts? Rx CLM is the prescription for your pain points, offering a comprehensive solution for creating, negotiating, and approving contracts. This package isn’t just a system; it’s a strategic asset designed to elevate your contract management to a new echelon of efficiency.

contract management leader negotiating contract

Tailored CLM Solutions, Remarkable Results

Leverage our expertise to reduce both implementation time and costs. With Marshfield Consulting, you get pre-built, best-in-class solutions that are customized to your specific contract lifecycle needs. Our prescriptive, best practices approach automates and streamlines your processes, empowering you to manage contracts with greater agility and reduced risk.

contract management executives using CLM solutions

A Partner for Progress

“How do we operationalize and streamline the end-to-end CLM Process?” With Marshfield Consulting, the answer is clear. Our end-to-end solution can be installed and personalized to your system swiftly, transforming the theoretical into the practical without a lengthy implementation phase.

The Marshfield Blueprint​

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  • Solution Approach
    Solution Approach

    A complete, AI-powered CLM solution expertly crafted on DocuSign CLM is ready to be adopted out-of-the-box.

  • Full Contract Lifecycle
    Full Contract Lifecycle

    Simply, elegantly and easily - our solutions tie the disparate functions of doc generation, reviews, approvals, redlining, signing, storing, renewing, and reporting together into a standard package and standard project approach that accelerates adoption.

  • Measurable Outcomes
    Measurable Outcomes

    Understand and quantify your contract process like never before with over 30 reports and graphs preconfigured to surface key data and insights most commonly requested.

Pioneering Advanced CLM Solutions

Embrace the strategic foresight of Marshfield Consulting, where we answer the question, “How do we support speed and agility?”  directly through our solutions. Transform contract management into the cornerstone of your strategic success and let Marshfield Consulting be the catalyst for your CLM excellence. Explore Rx CLM today.

Harness the full power of DocuSign CLM with Marshfield Consulting’s Rx CLM Solution. 

Implementation timeline: 6 – 8 weeks.

Don’t let contract complexity stall your success. Contact us and streamline your processes today.